Have a court date in Baton Rouge City Court? Make sure to leave your phone in the car!


Downtown Baton Rouge has two courthouses close to each other- Baton Rouge City Court, which handles most things inside the city limits and civil matter under $35,000, and the 19th Judicial District Court, which is the district court for the metropolitan area.

Baton Rouge City court is located across from City Hall on St. Louis street and prohibits cell phones in the courthouse.  However, if you’re headed to court at the 19th JDC, feel free to bring your cell phone.  It’s all good.

Why this stupid rule? I have no idea. There isn’t a good answer besides the Judges decided that they didn’t want the distraction.

Anyone and everyone is allowed in a courtroom- even the media.  In my opinion, every courtroom proceeding should be on Facebook Live so you can pop in and out as you please to see the proceedings in action.

We are in the year 2017!  Let’s get with it and allow technology in the courtroom.

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