Don’t leave money on the table!

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1. Diminished value of your vehicle: allowed when your vehicle is wrecked and the repair is with after market parts.

2. Loss of use: everyday you’re without your vehicle, you’re entitled to $$$money or a rental car. Make sure to get every cent of this!

3. Loss of enjoyment of life: who wants to sit in traffic to go to a doctor appointment or go on your lunch break and sit in the waiting room??? The law allows a recovery for your time and inconvience when you could be with your family or participating in your favorite hobby.

4. Loss of consortium: your spouse or kids may have a legitimate claim if you are the primary “doer” of household chores. Think- cooking, cleaning, mowing the grass, reading bed time stories, etc.

5. Punitive damages: limited in scope but still allowed under Louisiana law with the intention of punishing a defendant for grossly negligent acts, such as drunk driving.

Accidents wreak havoc on your life and those around you. Make sure you get everything you deserve.

Don’t get short changed without even knowing it. I hope this helps you!

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