I’ve read several articles criticizing the selling of Girl Scout cookies. I’d like to set the record straight!

Cute video
If done right, your daughter will learn these 5 lessons: 

1. Learn to set a goal- get your daughter to pick a prize that she will won if she sells a certain amount of boxes. 

2. Developing a pitch- life requires us to pitch everything. Get your daughter to develop a 30 second pitch to sell her cookies. 

3. Accounting- what better lesson to learn than how to count money!?!?

4. Confidence- it takes courage to knock on a door, introduce yourself, state the purpose of your visit and ask for someone to buy something from you!

5. Rejection- Not everyone is going to buy from your adorable daughter. She’s not going to get everything in life from people. She will learn that even at times that she gives to her al that she will “fail” and that it is ok. That she is loved and that she is still “winning” by doing her best!

Let me know what you think. 

Be great,


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