FEDERAL JUDGE cool with strippers under age of 21

Federal Judge says Strippers under age 21 can CONSTITUTIONALLY dance.

You read that right.

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Federal Judge Barbier was forced to rule on a new law passed by the Louisiana legislature that would prevent strippers under the age of 21 in clubs that serve alcohol.

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After SEVERE TORNADOS ran through parts of southeast Louisiana on Tuesday, homeowners and business owners will soon file insurance claims to begin the long process of piecing their lives back together.

Hundreds of homes were damaged and a reported 39 people injured.

As tornado victims deal with their devastating losses, here are 10 tips to keep in mind when filing insurance claims for storm-related damages:


How to NOT pay your NFIP flood insurance deductible

Louisianians are getting screwed by the NFIP!  Make sure you get ALL the money you are entitled to receive.

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Citizen’s arrest: should you do it???

Three Louisiana brothers make a citizen’s arrest in Tampa for being sold fake National Championship tickets. 

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My favorite part of this article is that the brothers held this con-artist with an empty coke bottle until the police arrived.

This raises the question of whether it’s legal to make a citizen’s arrest. In addition, the discussion extends to whether it’s a good idea.

Yes, it is legal to make a citizen’s arrest in Louisiana. 

Under Louisiana law, the answer is definitely yes. Louisiana law provides that a police officer may, without a warrant, arrest a person when—

The person has committed an offense in the officer’s presence

There is reasonable cause to believe that the person has committed an offense, although not in the presence of the officer.

Further, the Louisiana Criminal Code provides that a private person may make an arrest when the person to be arrested has committed a felony, whether in or out of his presence, under circumstances similar to those which would allow a police officer to make an arrest. There are no restrictions on this, and it is specifically provided for by law. When a citizen’s arrest is made, it is the duty of the citizen to turn over the arrested person to the sheriff’s department as quickly as possible.

Is it a good idea to make a citizens arrest?

This is obviously a case by case decision that should be made with extreme caution.

Are you willing to put yourself in harms way, like the three brothers did, in order to get justice?

Prior to getting married and having kids, I would be all for sticking up some con-artist with an empty coke bottle.  Now, in my older and wiser years, I’d probably be calling the police and following the suspect inconspicuously.

What about you? Leave your comment!

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I will pay your medical bill$

Most people injured in an accident are not expecting the avalanche of medical bills to fall on them while they’re not working and recovering from their injuries!

Riding on an ambulance and being treated in the emergency room can cost you up to $5000 right off the bat!

Some people have emergency funds to cover things that they are not expecting but most people have a limited emergency fund. 

When you’re not working and your medical bills start at $5000 and quickly increase with additional medical treatment, your emergency fund is going to be depleted quickly. 

I want to pay for your medical bills.

To limit the financial impact on you and your family, I will pay your medical bills until I win your case! That’s what we do for our clients. 

Sometimes we’re the only hand reaching down to help you up. We’re happy to be there!

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